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26 abril 2011

Hillsong Chapel – Yahweh (2010) [Acoustic][Official]

Artist: Hillsong Chapel
Album: Yahweh
Release Date: October 2010
Style: Praise & Worship / Rock / Pop
Label: Hillsong / Chordant Music Group
Location: Sydney, Australia

About: Whenever you listen to Hillsong you hear good music. The uniqueness of Hillsong style has captured a massive fan base throughout hillsong’s recent history. Not just that, but also blessed by God to be able to gather huge masses of people  in His name at their concerts which are “sold out” in most of the cases. A new album recorded in the Hillsong recording studio hit’s out this fall. To be more specific, “Yahweh” comes out on October 25th. So until then hold on and patiently wait. We all presume this is going to be something good and special as all hillsong previous releases. Why not unique.

The Album is titled “Yahweh” and we’re all waiting for the singles to pop-up. Yahweh was recorded live in it’s entirely.

Track Listing:
1. Hosanna (Live)
2. You’ll Come (Live)
3. Run (Live)
4. The Time Has Come (Live)
5. Saviour King (Live)
6. Yahweh (Live)
7. Came To My Rescue (Live)
8. Stronger (Live)
9. This Is Our God (Live)
10. You Hold Me Now (Live)
11. From The Inside Out (Live)
12. Mighty To Save (Live)
13. Salvation Is Here (Live)


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